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A collaborative of the Automation Alliance and two automation-mad professionals who have been living and breathing #everythingautomation for the last 16+ years. As part of their everyday, they design, augment and deliver digital transformation projects that help businesses transform; from FinTech start-ups to global enterprises, and now they get to share what they have learnt with you.


Take the opportunity to learn about the latest in process and automation, low-code, workflow, RPA, AI, chatbots and about building the right team for automation success!

Sascha Cutura

Sascha Cutura - CEO, convedo Group

I have more than 15 years experience in process automation and improvement, working with local governments, public sector companies, financial services providers and global logistics companies. I am responsible for strategy and implementation of business process intiatives at various companies worldwide, including Deutsche Bank, KPMG, DHL and SWISS.

Arno Van Rooyen

Arno Van Rooyen - CEO, Velocity IT

As someone who has been working in the enterprise automatiopn space since its infancy 17-years ago, it is wonderful to see so many process automation technologies having their heyday right now.  I began this journey as a software development engineer focused on workflow systems, before shifting to business process automation consulting roles.

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