#57 The sweet spot for RPA…Hyper Automation…and more. Interview with Rob Crisp at UiPath


Join Sascha and Arno with another one of their industry interviews, as they talk all things RPA and automation with Rob Crisp, Account Executive at UiPath. Learn more about how UiPath approach automation, what the future looks like for RPA semantics and a little bit about the man himself in this interview.

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[00:00:00] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: Hello. And welcome back to another episode of the process and automation podcast with the automation guys. Today’s episode is again, one of our most liked episodes we have another. Interview special. And usually you hear just Arnold and me talking about all things, process and automation, but today we have another great guest here with us on the show.

[00:00:35] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: Someone who is as passionate about process and automation as we are, it is with great pleasure to welcome. Rob crisp. Rob is account executive at IPA and wants more and more businesses to get the great benefits from automation. Hello, Rob, thank you for joining us today. Great to have you on the. Thanks Asha.

[00:00:55] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Yeah. Thanks for having me great to be.

[00:00:58] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: Great. So, [00:01:00] yeah, Rob, please tell us a bit more about you and what you’re doing at UiPath.

[00:01:04] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Sure, sure. So I’m relatively new to the company. I joined in January this year as an account executive for UK and Ireland. I’ve worked in SaaS for the last four or five years, and basically my job is to be a kind of project manager of sorts to help clients uncover automation potential in their company. Connect them to the right people and help them guide through their digital transformation. My main objective is demonstrating how robotic process automation can assist them with whatever priorities they may have at their company. Often surrounding efficiency drives freeing up more time for their employees, improving customer experience and ultimately maximizing growth and profit.

[00:01:46] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: That sounds really good. So yeah, that’s, that’s exactly what Arno and I want to do as well for our customers. So so the two of us are working with barriers, intelligent automation vendors to [00:02:00] support companies with was, yeah, pretty much all things, process and automation and yeah. Where do you see the sweet spot for UiPath in the market?

[00:02:09] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Yeah. Great question. Well, you know, firstly, let me start by saying that I’m in a very fortunate position of working for the recognized market leader in robotic process automation. Now UiPath has been a leader in every garden, quadrant Forester wave and Everest peak matrix for RPA. Number one in all major independent user review sites for RPA including Gartner, peer insights GS crowd trust, radius, and Cera as well to name a few. So you know what makes UiPath so beloved by its users? Well, I think traditionally. Automation is expected to work on its own from start to finish. Now that excludes a huge number of business processes that need human input.

[00:02:53] Rob Crisp – UiPath: So UiPath allows you to interact and collaborate with a digital workforce, massively opening [00:03:00] up the automation potential in a cost effective manner through attended automat. That’s one of the reasons another one of of our major competitive edges is our unmatched AI. If you take document understanding, for example which combines RPA with our AI to allow for end to end document processing. you know, whether it’s AP invoices employee applications, whatever it can handle, both structured and unstructured documents. Mm-hmm, recognizing objects like tables and signatures check boxes and, and even handwriting as well. So it’s a massively useful tool. We, we also offer out of the box at drag and drop machine learning models that can be consumed by all organizations at large and small at a fraction of the usual. Setting up these models can, can take a matter of days or weeks compared to months or years that a traditional kind of in-house development might take. Now the, the vastness of our, of our interconnectivity as well is huge. Essentially we have integrations with almost all [00:04:00] major enterprise products who, by the way, some of whom.

[00:04:02] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Have even built their own integrations that you as a customer can download from a catalog. Mm-hmm, massively speeding up your implementation. Not to mention we have an open API and the ability to invoke code as well. Oh, that sounds very good. Yeah. So, so that sounds like quite a extreme, competitive advantage.

[00:04:22] Arno Van Rooyen – Velocity IT: That sounds, very, very comprehensive and you know, between Sascha and myself, of course, Rob, we, we talk a lot about actual use cases here on the podcast. And my question to you is you know, what do you think are the, the most exciting or impactful use cases. That can be delivered using the UiPath platform.

[00:04:43] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Yeah, that’s a, that’s a really interesting question. I think it, it, of course it depends on, on a use by use basis. It varies a fair amount with each company in each department. But if we’re talking about the most you know, impactful use case for, for me, it’s anything that is super repetitive, you know, super time consuming and [00:05:00] super mind knowing.

[00:05:01] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Usually companies immediately think of one or two use cases on the spot when you, you know, based on that criteria. Yeah. But some of the kind of common use cases that I’ve come across they often revolve around invoice processing onboarding off boarding staff, anti-money laundering. Yeah. Uh, But, but fun fundamentally it’s it’s whatever use case is gonna have the biggest kind of return on investment for, for your company.

[00:05:23] Rob Crisp – UiPath: But Le that’s that’s what, that’s what we recommend go for the low hanging. To start with.

[00:05:28] Arno Van Rooyen – Velocity IT: Yeah, I suppose there’s, there’s sort of common. Let’s get started quickly use cases that you can deploy your UiPath with. And then by the sounds of it, any, any potential problem in the business really that can benefit from automation using a software bot.

[00:05:45] Arno Van Rooyen – Velocity IT: That sounds like a potential use case, right?

[00:05:47] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah, great. There’s a whole plethora of use cases that it’s, it’s just tends to be you know, what is it that your company’s doing? That’s taking up a lot of time and, you know, just focus your [00:06:00] attention in those areas. Get if a robot can do it, why not let it do it, you know?

[00:06:05] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Yeah. Then it frees you up for more high value like of work that you wanna be doing. Yeah, indeed.

[00:06:12] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: Yeah. So intelligent automation. Hyper automation. So these were sort of the, the buzzwords and in the recent years looking a bit into the future, where do you see things developing for companies when it comes to, to automation and process and automation?

[00:06:29] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Yeah, no, I think I think UiPath is in a, we we’re on the front line of, of hyper or hyper automation. Out whole company has, has one focus and it it’s automation like, hello, you guys. So we wanna be the company and the tool that customers think of for all things, automation we don’t aim to replace like any kind of tech stacks that you are already using you know, far from it.

[00:06:49] Rob Crisp – UiPath: We just wanna be a layer that combines that textile, you know, intertwines with it intertwines throughout the enterprise itself, allowing the company to kind of transform their business and, and see [00:07:00] massive returns. So, you know, in terms of like next step, what, where, where, where is this kind of like where the trends going.

[00:07:07] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Well recently I’ve, I’ve heard the term semantic automation mentioned quite a lot. Now I think this could be a really interesting area in terms of development in the automation space. We already know a lot about machine learning and AI but essentially semantic automation allows the robot itself to identify and improve the processes within an organisation

[00:07:27] Rob Crisp – UiPath: you know, so a, a good analogy would be to imagine an intern starts at a restaurant, you know, get, get, gets taught by the executive chef for all of the relevant tasks that they need to become a great chef. And then a year later after becoming really good. Gets promoted to sous chef. And then as a sous chef can create its own dishes and, you know, with minimal instructions and be an incredible like be a valuable asset for the chef.

[00:07:50] Rob Crisp – UiPath: So semantic automation is just like that, you know, it’s, it’s the next frontier of automation in my opinion. And you can imagine these robots, like the intern at the restaurant [00:08:00] spending their time developing their own skills to master their craft like automation. So. You know, I believe we a very exciting moment for intelligent automation both in general and that UiPath

[00:08:11] Rob Crisp – UiPath: and I’m super, super excited to see how it develops, you know, over the next few years, I feel very lucky. I think we’re all very lucky. Yeah. To BA basically have a front row seat to watch it unfold. Yeah, it is great. We do see a lot of these automation technologies coming through, and that sounds very, very interesting semantic automation.

[00:08:30] Arno Van Rooyen – Velocity IT: So Rob, with all these innovative technologies available, we very often get a question from our listeners. You know, what, what is your advice for companies getting started with digital transformation projects?

[00:08:43] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Yeah, great question. This is a simple one, you know, come and talk to me. In, in all, in all seriousness I believe RPA should be at the center of any company’s digital transformation project, you know?

[00:08:54] Rob Crisp – UiPath: So I, I always recommend customers to do three things. Number one, Identify and select [00:09:00] suitable use cases. This is key. Speak to your team, you know, your employees, where are people having bottlenecks. UiPath also has a number of products that can help you during this discovery stage as well. We’ve got processes we’ve got software called process mining task mining, automation hub.

[00:09:17] Rob Crisp – UiPath: These are all great tools for discover. Automation potential. In step two, I would say short list, some suitable vendors that you get a good vibe from, read some reviews speak to people and companies that you trust and research your vendors to see if you’re gonna be happy working with them like longer, long term.

[00:09:33] Rob Crisp – UiPath: And then number three, I would say test drive those vendors see who fits the company best think of ease of use, think of governance, think implementation and think of scale as well. I think those are some key key areas, right? When you, when you’re talking about digital transformation. Oh, that’s very cool.

[00:09:53] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: Thank you. Yeah. So that’s getting us nearly to our [00:10:00] sort of final sections. So when we have guests on our listeners are very keen to get to know more about our guests. So a bit more than the technical and the business side. So what’s. No, no, we not, not jumping straight into that question.

[00:10:13] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: So that’s why we like to ask you a couple of quick questions if that’s okay. Of course. Yeah. Happy to. All right. So they are a bit on the yeah, its different side. So who is your idol and why? Okay.

[00:10:27] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Idol, you know, I’ve, I think I’ve got. I’ve got lots of idols, like in terms of professional idols and personal idols and whatnot.

[00:10:35] Rob Crisp – UiPath: And people have been so influential in my life. But when I think of like, who’s my idol, who, who have I got like a signed picture of in my, in my room. that I look up to? I think I’d, I’d, I’d have to say Alan Shearer for that premier league all time, top scorer, Newcastle United legend. Yeah, I, I think.

[00:10:56] Rob Crisp – UiPath: The loyalty as well, that Shearer showed going to Newcastle [00:11:00] instead of like a man United or real Madrid or, or any other giant club was super inspirational for me. You know, I think he taught me a lot about determination, about grit and he was just an unbelievable player to watch as well. So, yeah. Legend.

[00:11:17] Arno Van Rooyen – Velocity IT: Yeah. Great. Well, it’s always good to have somebody like that and you always measure yourself against. Absolutely. If I wake up in the morning, am I gonna be Alan Shearer I I’m. I gonna be ending my day thinking. Yep. I, I can stand in these footsteps. That’s that’s great. Another one for you, Rob. I may so imagine you can get all the contents and knowledge of the book instantly.

[00:11:40] Arno Van Rooyen – Velocity IT: Which book would you choose? You’re right.

[00:11:42] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Okay. Yeah. So I think I reckon it would have to be brewers, dictionary of phrases. Have you heard of this one before? No Nope. No, it’s basically, it’s basically this this massive reference book a bit like a cross between a dictionary and then encyclopedia mm-hmm

[00:11:58] Rob Crisp – UiPath: And I kind of, I used to read it all the time when I was [00:12:00] younger, just to, to learn where a phrase came from or where the origins of a certain word might have might have developed. Actually I checked out. I’ve got it in front of me here. I wrote it down. The term robot, would you like to know where it came from?

[00:12:13] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Oh, of course. Yes . I’ve got here robot, an automation with semi human powers and intelligence from this. The term is often extended to mean a person who works automatically without employing initiative. The name comes from the mechanical creatures in car. CapEx CapEx play R U R, which stands for Ross’s universal robots, which was produced in London in 1923.

[00:12:40] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Before before the year, 1923, no such thing as as the word robot now it’s all in our lives running through. Well, yeah, it’s keeping us all employed.

[00:12:50] Arno Van Rooyen – Velocity IT: Yeah. Isn’t it a robot for, for human? Isn’t that?

[00:12:53] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Yeah. A UI pop slogan. Yeah. That’s one of our, that’s another one of our differentiators there as well.

[00:12:59] Rob Crisp – UiPath: The, yeah. [00:13:00] Competitive edges. It’s a good one. Yes. Great. Awesome. Yeah.

[00:13:05] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: So the next one is what’s the best advice you have ever received?

[00:13:11] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Well, I’ve, I’ve got a couple that stick with me. My dad always told me it’s nice to be nice as that’s a, a pretty straightforward one. Doing nice things for people just genuinely makes you feel good.

[00:13:21] Rob Crisp – UiPath: I’m a big believer in karma as well. I think that a lot of the good things that have happened in my life come from like good energy that I try to put out into the universe and. Try to help people and it kind of ebbs and flows. So yeah, I also heard really good, another really good piece of advice recently which was to cha to change your perspective every six months or so.

[00:13:41] Rob Crisp – UiPath: So if you’ve got strong feelings about a topic you know, try and take a fresh look at it with different eyes. I heard this quite recently and I’ve started doing it. And I think it allows you to create a bigger picture of something than what you had before. Like a, a deeper understanding. Of a topic.

[00:13:55] Rob Crisp – UiPath: I think it’s quite a good thing to have, I think. Yeah, it’s brilliant. Yeah. And that was that was our [00:14:00] very own CEO, Daniel D who uh, who told me that at UiPath. So he was yeah, he did a, he did a presentation to our team and thought it was excellent. Amazing. Amazing. Yeah.

[00:14:10] Arno Van Rooyen – Velocity IT: So I’ve got one more for you, Rob, if I may if you can be a Olympic athlete, what sport will you choose?

[00:14:17] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Well, there’s no chance of that happening anytime soon. So, uh but if, if I if I had to choose I’d probably go for a maybe a combat sport, I think. It’s quite practical, maybe, you know, outside the Olympics. Should I need to defend myself? So I think maybe something like like judo or something like that.

[00:14:35] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Mm-hmm I also, I also did judo when I was a kid actually when I was like 10 years old. So I reckon I could pick it back up again pretty quickly. Maybe go for gold in Paris, 24, 2 years time. We’ll see. Yeah,

[00:14:49] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: maybe we have some RPL Olympics at some point. Yeah, that would be good. maybe we have a chance there

[00:14:58] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: Yeah. Gets the robot amazing. . [00:15:00]

[00:15:01] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: So yeah. Thank, thanks a lot for your time. Rob. So we, we came to the end of our our questions. So our listeners I’m, I’m very sure will be very keen to know how to reach out to you. What would be the best way to, to get in touch with you?

[00:15:15] Rob Crisp – UiPath: I’m Al I’m always responding people on, on LinkedIn.

[00:15:18] Rob Crisp – UiPath: So you can, you can find me at linkedin.com/uh, Rob. Underscore crisp. You can also send me an email to [email protected] mm-hmm . And I’m more than happy to uh, to have a conversation, have, have a discussion around, around automation. Or if, if, even if someone just wants to learn more about, about UiPath or some of the products more than happy to help.

[00:15:42] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: Fantastic. Yeah, we will put all these things in, in the show notes. Yeah. It was a real pleasure to have you on the show. Yeah. And if you want yeah, let us know, and then we bring you back for, for another part two episode.

[00:15:55] Rob Crisp – UiPath: Awesome. Thanks. Thanks for having me guys. I really appreciate it. And now keep up the good work.

[00:15:59] Rob Crisp – UiPath: I’m [00:16:00] big fan of the podcast, so yeah. Thanks.

[00:16:02] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: Appreciate it. Of course. Thank you.

[00:16:09] Sascha Cutura – Convedo: Unfortunately, that’s it again with this episode of the process in automation podcast, if you like this episode, please give us a five star rating and don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast. So you don’t miss any upcoming episode. We hope you will tune in next time and until. Let’s automate it.

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